Version 0.1.85 of Roguelegends Dark Realms Released


This release adds spell descriptions and massively buffs almost every single spell:

It also adds the ability to "Desperately dive for the stairs" via the interact menu if its adjacent:


09 August 2018 Updated to version 0.1.85 of RLDR

Change log: 

09 August 2018
   Updated to version 0.1.85 of RLDR

     Change log:
        -Fixed: Fixed bug where stairwell did not have its name
        -New: Added the ability to "Desperately dive for stairwell" Via the interact menu
        -New: Spells now have descriptions which get displayed on the left side of the rune menu when selected. Among other things.
        -New: Spells have been massively buffed.
        -Cleaned: Cleaned up map code a bit more.
        -Updated: Made engravings less likely to be of creatures, more likely to be of lore.

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Roguelegends Dark Realms (RLDR) version 12 MB
Aug 10, 2018

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