Hotfix Update

I cannot stress this enough PLEASE let me know when you encounter an issue or something that is buggy , so I can fix it. :) 

Thanks to Egan_BW on the bay 12 forums for bringing this issue to my attention!


Fixed a horrible bug in the inventory screen where the mouse would select actions instead of deselecting the item when you clicked off of it.

This has now been fixed!

Please redownload if you want the update! Folks who only use keyboard wouldn't have seen this.


Roguelegends Dark Realms (RLDR) version 222 MB
Feb 26, 2021

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Just discovered this roguelike. I'm just on floor one and I can already say that mechanics look very interesting so far! Love when a dungeon is not empty, so I'm digging hard those fountains and bookshelves, the  thrill of exploring not knowing what I will find in the next room. I like it! 

Just a little bug with controls: I can't use comma [.] to turn next page in books. And can't use [>] to descend stairs. I'm on an Azerty keyboard but other controls seem to work.

A tooltip explanation of what is the difference between New Character and New World would come in handy. I also can't go back on main menu once I clicked on one, I have to restart the game.

You can click your character while on stairs to go down, also try <  or shift+. or shift+,  Also when you die or win you should have the option to hit escape or end and that will bring you back to the main menu.

New world uses a new group of generated vermin and creatures and other stuff. New character uses the ones from your previous game if you died and went back to the main menu. You shoudl be able to get back to the main menu when you die just fine. Just hit esc or end as it says.

Glad you're enjoying it!

When you step on stairs, it prompts you with a y/n to descend (as do all interactable squares).  Not sure what you mean by comma to turn next page in books.

Even I don't remember what I meant myself 😂 I stopped playing RLDR eventually but I actually discovered your own roguelike in the meantime, Caverns of Xaskazien II and loving it a lot! The huge variety in interactables and mechanics and its breadth is exactly and even beyond what I was looking for!

I'm not very good for now (and even more since I always randomly roll my class/race/god in any roguelike) but I'm happy I've managed to get to character level 17 some updates back before dying to attrition :)

If you have time I'd love a hotfix to bring back the S key to move down, since I love to play hybrid: WASD and keyboard to move and wait, mouse for lookup.