RLDR Version Released

I am not naming this update, it isn't near the scale of the previous one Mostly QOL


-Fix display bug with necromancers

-Added necromancer battle to arena

-Added more hints at the win condition for peasants

-Added new painting

-Fixed bug where you could use the cursor to examine whilst looking at your inventory with strange results

-Made it so that you can now do actions like Consume and so on while in the inventory by using shift+key so now you can click, or use the numbers, or do it the standard roguelike way

-You can now grab things using comma

-Reduced portal room amount

-Now when you automatically pit something in your inventory it shows it with a generated message in the log

-Reduced heart message length

-Added two new manias

-Fixed a massive amount of typos in arena


Roguelegends Dark Realms (RLDR) version 222 MB
Oct 23, 2020

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Is there overworld map like DF adventure mode where you can explore wilderness etc? Or is only dungeon, anyways this looks great

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right now it's only a dungeon and a bunch of places you can get to via portals, I contemplated adding an overworld at one point, but Im just focusing on teh dungeon and dungeon branches that you get to by entering portals

Hi, could you release a Linux PC version please ? Thanks

One of the libraries i use for graphics is not linux compatible unfortunately (Libtcod). In the mean time the game does work with WINE. This doesn't mean i wont make a linux version but if it is doable it will take a lot of time and so will probably not be until I am done with like 90% of my roadmap.

Thank you for your considerations