RLDR Version 0.2.0 finally fully released!

Hey guys heres the 0.2.0 release!

Changes Since Last Release Candidate:

-There is now a chance when a creature is generated that it will be composed of/made of/created out of some substance (This makes descriptions more interesting)

-Improved creature generator a tad

-Added more variation to creature generator

-Added weird new mania

-Bug Fixes

-Reworded some descriptions

-Added more possibe variations on the "composed of" code.

-Nerfed sanity loss from entering a new realm

-Minor QOL stuff

I only listed the changes since the last release candidate because theres so many in total that i dont feel like listing them all, have fun!


Roguelegends Dark Realms (RLDR) version 0.2.0.zip 102 MB
Nov 10, 2019

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