Dialogue DR4X Changelog #63 11/27/2022

Hey guys! Sorry for the late devlog this time! I accidentally got a cold. So yesterday I was resting.
Still not feeling great, stuffy and a sore throat. But things must go on.
Not so weekly Changelog number 63
So as usual this is just kinda a summary of all the changes from the past couple weeks ignoring some simple changes. Most have been live for awhile now.
And a new build should be available as this post comes out.
Anyway letsa go...

Gameplay and UI

-Added new hourglass loading animation for "week progressing" replacing the old ugly black bar

-In more places the game now places a translucent black rectangle under the hint text for readability (Though I dont think i did this for scenarios yet)

-Improved A.E.S.T.H.E.T.I.C of [NODEOSERROR]

-Fixed minor typos in [NODEOSERROR]

-Slowed down default text speed in dialogue

-Fixed loads of minor dialogue issues in [NODEOSERROR]

-Dialogue now supports rich text and text animations

-Made minigame visual effects better

-Added new hidden flag

-Unit info can now utilize text animations and rich text

-Add more dialogue to [NODEOSERROR]

-Updates to some unit descriptions

-Optimized dialogue code

-Various other misc improvements to things

-Renaming units now utilizes [NODEOSERROR]

-New Hints

-More [NODEOSERROR] dialogue

Bug Fixes

--Minor audio fixes on [NODEOSERROR]

--Fixed bug with map gen screen glitch effect


-Red King's Heir now has higher TENACITY by default

-Some kingdom balancing (Misc changes to unit stats etc)

-Misc scenario updates

Suggestion for testers


YouTube Spotlight!

-Nothing this time

Thanks guys!


Sorry for the smallish changelog this time. But I actually had to overhaul quite a bit of the internals to add text animations so more actual balance/faction updates should happen in the next couple weeks.


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