A downloadable epic game

DR4X is a fast paced dark fantasy turn based strategy game with horror elements In a world with many secrets to uncover...

The game has simple, fun, fast paced gameplay full of tough choices where each of the many factions plays wildly differently and the world evolves and changes as you play. 

Play in an evolving world, filling up with horrors and monsters if you don’t try to stop their spread, unique events and so on.

It also has a very reactive world map and an in depth skirmish creator. With multiple possible game modes based on your choices. Do you want to fight other empires? Or perhaps just defeat the monsters infesting the realm. Or maybe even be the monsters infesting the realm! It is your choice!

When it is ready for beta I will be releasing it on steam and itchio in a sort of early access. If you are interested follow this page and my twitter.


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