Optimizations DR4X Changelog #62 11/12/2022

It is 8pm on a saturday and i'm drinking a glass of super alcoholic punch. So that means, new dr4x changelog!

Not so weekly Changelog number 62

So as usual this is just kinda a summary of all the changes from the past couple weeks ignoring some simple changes.

A new build should be available as this post comes out.

Anyway letsa go...
Gameplay and UI

-There is now a news item when a kingdom finishes researching each individual level of inqusition.
--Past untrustedlife would like to tell you that "it has some deep lore meaning or something", not sure what past untrusted meant. But hey.

-Added spaceballs reference, also finally improved the lord of bandits win con popup

-All treasure popups now use different flavors of the new pop up art. I plan to update some of the other popups but meh, they might need their own art

-Optimized AI explore algorithm, they now will not bother with map edges since they reveal the edge by exploring a cell adjacent to it anyway, and making them ignore edges allowed me to do significnat optimizations because I didnt have to worry about edges

-Optimized AI algorithm a bit, worst case scenario turn time reduced by 2 seconds on first turn after loading game, and on ongoing turns reduced it by a third!

-Optimized the code related to when you select and move and attack with units signiciantly you shoudl see no more stutters when doing that.

-Made some major optimizations when moving units around and attacking on large maps. It should be completely smooth now aside from a small hickup at the start of the turn sometimes if you have a large part of the map explored,

-Other minor miniscule optimizations

-AI no longer recreates enemy list/unit list twice per turn

-Made some further small optimizations to right click to move and attack

-Gave [NODEOSERROR] his own "voice"

-Added goblin archer portrait

-Added goblin priest portrait

-Added more hints

-Added more to responses
--I'm not even sure what this means but it was in my change list

Bug Fixes

-Fixed bug with one of the new toggles on map gen screen


-Increased deploy range on rogues guild and upgraded rogues guild

Suggestion for testers

-I dunno

YouTube Spotlight!

I can finally plug the video my friend Gwen made about her work on the new DR4X trailer!
Give her some love!

Thanks guys!


So a while ago i changed the way stealth works so you are revealed when you attack. This significantly hobbled the Rogues Guild bandit subfaction, So i'll be doing some improevements to them.

There are also several player suggestions I want to get in.

I'm not sure if after that it will be necromancer time, or if i'lll instead choose to keep working on filling in the secretty story bits.

Then eventually i'll get to the necromancer/lich faction. Which will require some changes to the map gen screen, since they are by definition not a kingdom or cult. I guess they are kinda like a death cult. But they will play so different from cults that they might just get their own counter. Or a toggle that adds them to the cult rotation. (SO i dont have to worry about the balance implication of there being 13 additional necromancer factions running around at the same time as kingdoms and cults if you were to choose to the max number of all of them.

They will of course also get their own bunch of Goals/WIn conditions to choose from.

Anyhow! Thanks!


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