Spooky Changes DR4X Changelog #61 10/29/2022

Happy (early) Halloween!

Not so weekly Changelog number 61
So this week I worked on fleshing out some more esoteric parts of the game. But I also added some useful new features.

I decided to focus on the spooky fun things because with an influx of downloads I don't want there being too many holes in the [NODEOSERROR] (But understand that the game is still in development so its not at all fleshed out. And some things may be added or removed in time.

So as usual this is just kinda a summary of all the changes from the past couple weeks ignoring some simple changes.

A new build should be available as this post comes out.

Anyway letsa go...
Gameplay and UI

-Your faction name can now handle rich text tags, so if you want to, say, add color to your empire name using <color=red> or whatever, that will now work.
You can see all the possible basic tags here:
<b> for bold
<i> for italics
<color=red> to color it red or whatever color you want
<size=10> You can also change teh size
There are a few bonus secretty ones too and also bonus things you cna get with brackets , eg, try

-Game is more reactive to your choices

-Added more secretty secret hints

-There are new ways to search for secrets

-Added more [NODEOSERROR]

-Try not to anger [NODEOSERROR].

-Added more spooky load text



-Lore is now more accurate

-Add more "direct" references to [NODEOSERROR] and [NODEOSERROR][NODEOSERROR]

-Added ability to disable world age wildlife on skirmish screen if you want an easier game

-Added ability to disable dark forces on skirmish screen if you want an easier game

-New unit profile pic for Goblin Pikemen is now used in game

-New unit Profile Pic For Goblin Legionaire is now used in game

-Though the screenshots above don't reflect this, I have removed the "WIP" warning from all noderooms settings.

-Added new desert tile to noderooms

Bug Fixes

-Fixed bug where some of the popups had the incorrect colors.


-Some minor unit stat changes for [NODEOSERROR] reasons

Suggestion for testers

-Just have fun!

YouTube Spotlight!

None of that yet.

Thanks guys!


DR4X has had nearly 100 sales on steam in the past 3 days. This is insane! Thank you for all the support! If you havent yet! Leave a review! Also participate in the discord and on the steam forums!
Lets see if we can get even more downloads!


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