QOL&Necromancy DR4X Changelog #60 10/16/2022

Not so weekly Changelog number 60

This week I went hard into QOL updates

So as usual this is just kinda a summary of all the changes from the past couple weeks ignoring some simpler changes.

Anyway letsa go...
Gameplay and UI

-Floating text now fades away in 3 seconds by default

-Added the ability to customize the time it takes for the floating text that appears when something happens in game to fade away.
--You can do this in the options menu and it defaults to 3 seconds. If you are having trouble understanding what is happening in game, just set this to max.

-Added Nodic River To Noderooms Tileset
--Its based on the dream pools

-Added Flopcat's Flipizza to NodeRooms Tileset
--It's based on a pizzzaria with a few mascots

-Added a new song to the soundtrack that plays in game

-The arrow shooting animation now will always show up when shooting arrows and they take a bit longer
--This is to make it easier to see where you are being atatcked from and to just improve the game in general

Bug Fixes

-Health is now rounded on the unit info screen


-When a unit is attacked by a stealthed unit, the attacker (and all other adjacent stealthed units) are revealed. However, units that are attacking from range are not revealed.

-Cult Acolytes now have a new flag, acolytes now have a 50% chance to gain 1 sacrifice for each kill they make

-Cult priests now have a 50% chance to get between 1 and 3 sacrifices each time they get a kill

Suggestion for testers

-You can do various things.

YouTube Spotlight!

-None this time, its been awhile. I hope someone eventually makes another video on it. Oh well :)

Thanks guys!


Some news!
I've been working with a friend to create an awesome new updated trailer for the game. That should be done soonish!

Second news:
I have a plan for implementing the long awaited lich faction! Which has been hinted at in the setup screen since the beginning!

This will be a new faction with a couple new resource types (Flesh, Bones (And two othe rones i shall not reveal)) that wil be meant to be a relatively in depth necromancer//lich tycoon/sim.

This has nessessitated fleshing out how undead work in my setting!

This is partially explained in an in game book. Which served as a kind of base for the concept!

More detail below...
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