Smoother Transitions DR4X Changelog #59 10/02/2022

Not so weekly Changelogs number whatever the heck.

Some polish stuff this time. Most notably the main menu has loading screens instead of just freezing while loading, so that should help.
So as usual this is just kinda a summary of all the changes from the past couple weeks ignoring some simpler changes.
Anyway letsa go...

Gameplay and UI

-Added smoother loading transitions to the main menu

-Added new loading images
--2 new common loading images
--3 new rare loaidng images

-Improved all of the skirmish win condition pop ups to be more visually interesting. I also updated the store page to reflect these changes.
Some examples:

-Added missing win condition pop ups for repair and ruin capital goals.

-Reworded many other in game pop ups

-Updated NodeRooms tileset with some new art.

-Added new "Sherwood Forest" wild force setting
--This wild force setting changes the map generator to add more forest tiles
--The Monsters that populate the setting are Vargrs, and Some Magical Creatures
--This setting also spawns soem wild rogues guilds, and the wildlife team can utilize them to recruit rogues

-Added new "Sherwood Heroes" wild force setting
--This is identical to sherwood forest, except each player starts with a powerful hero unit from Robin Hood (Eg Robin Hood Himself or Friar Tuck) which adds an interesting twist to the gameplay.
--Heavily inspired by the age of empires 2 sherwood heroes map heh

Bug Fixes

-Fixed some saving and loading bugs.


-If wildlife acquires a rogues guild (For example, when a bandit group "falls to infighting" the wildlife can now build their own rogues. Which are expensive and take 3 turns to build, unlike normal rogues.

Suggestion for testers

-Try the new Sherwood Heroes wild force

YouTube Spotlight!

-None this time, its been awhile. I hope someone eventually makes another video on it. Oh well :)

Thanks guys!

There will probably be some additional updates to the game tonight.

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