Liminal Update DR4X Changelog #58 9/16/2022

Added some cool new stuff in the last couple weeks, this changelog includes all changes in the "mini logs" on gamejolt and all other changes made in the last two weeks.

Anyway letsa go...
Gameplay and UI

-Added a new wild force option that uses the new noderooms tileset but doesn't spawn normal wildlife.
--It only spawns the...entities

-Added a new wild force option that uses the new noderooms tileset but doesnt spawn normal wildlife.
--It only spawns the...entities and magical beings

-Added the...entities

-Added more types of tiles to the noderooms maps

-Implemented system that allows me to give tiles alternate names in tilesets
--This is utilized in the noderooms and with the other tile variations in the game

-Slightly changed art for "No Clip" setting to something more washed out, as it was too bold to make out units sometimes before

-Added more secretty secret things to main menu...

-Updated description on gambling debuff

Added some more possibilities to the food name generator, this includes adding ravioli
--So you can now conquer alll the towns that specialize in making ravioli if you want I guess.

Bug Fixes

-Fix towns, chests, towers etc, spawning on water tiles.

-Fixed bug where chests can't spawn anywhere in noderooms

-Fixxed issue with unit training causing game to lock up rarely

-Fixed bug where tumors and such could grow in the void (They still can they just die when in the void really fast)

-Fix bandits renaming selves on mission when they absolutely shouldnt

-Fixed game crash when failing to place freespawned units

-Fixed minor bug where gambling hall gambling chance was lower than claimed (Even if that would be realistic lol)


-Changed spawning rules for wildlife/bandits/etc to spread them out more and restrict them less This should juist ensure the wildlife is more spread out, less concentrated in certain places.

-Giant scorpions now cost 30 misery instead of 20

-Giant scorpions take 2 turns to build

Suggestion for testers

-Try the new wild force options I suppose

YouTube Spotlight!

-None this time, its been awhile. I hope someone eventually makes another video on it. Oh well :)

Thanks guys!

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