Breathing Room. New DR4X Weekly Changelog #54: 8/05/2022

Posting todays changelog here, not sure if i should start posting this here every week, let me know if you would like that!

Usually i only post these on steam:

Hello, I’m posting this a day later than usual because I was up programming until 5 am and decided to go to bed instead of working longer.
So I ended up getting some sleep and it is now nearly noon.

There are a lot of changes this week and most of this was live as of last night.

I didn't decide to take screenshots for these because I already am posting the changelog late and I want to get it out and start on the next update. (That and family is visiting me today)

Anyway letsa go...
Gameplay and UI

-Added new Goal
--Ultra Super Deathmatch., where you have to kill all other factions except wildlife

-Added New Goal
--Last One Standing, where you have to kill just every single faction

-Made wildlife lairs and other factions NOT spawn within 4 tiles of the spawn location of the human player, giving the player 4 tiles of breathing room.

--This makes the game much, much more playable

--I didn’t have time to make this customizable, but expect that tomorrow

-Forest trolls now have a more forest troll appropriate death noise

-Added new flag that allows pikemen to damage a unit as if they had a hard counter bonus without granting that unit the cavalry anti-archer bonus

-AI now understands pikemen better as in, they will go after those they have bonuses against more often

-Added new secretty secret stuff

-Improved shadows and lighting

-Added new hints

-Added new office minigame
--This is one i've been working on in the background for awhile

--It isn't complete still but hey

-Goblin Updates

--Gave goblins a new goblin pikeman unit, which has a bonus against cavalry

--Made it so when training goblin units the command buttons are color coded for easiness on the eyes and to make their commands more readable

--Goblin pikemen can promote into Goblin Legionnaires

Bug Fixes

-Fix bug where "0" tech shows up on buildings in factions that have researched a global research item

-Blacksmith cost corrected on capital cities

-All units that weren’t displaying their hard counter bonus icon that should have now do
--EG, Cavalry archers now display a horse and bow icon, since they have both bonuses


-Buffed Rust Spitter Faction

--Made rust spitter Majors cost 9 and have an upkeep of 9 for bandit sub factions instead of 15 and 12

--Made rust spitter majors cost 15 and have an upkeep of 15 for wildlife factions

--Made AI smart enough to use repletes like Mines

-Buffed Gremlin Factions

--Reduced Miserable Poppet for green gremlins cost from 200 misery to 75 Misery

--Reduced Miserable Poppet build time to 2

--Reduced Fleshy Kennel cost for brown gremlins to 200 Misery

--Reduced Coral Tower cost for dripping gremlins to 100 Misery

-Kingdom Balance Changes

--Markets now cost 35 gold and 6 iron

-Wildlife Balance Changes

--Hell Goat is now classed as cavalry for the purposes of hard counter bonuses

-Goblin Balance Changes

--Made Goblin Legionnaires more expensive for cube cult

--Goblin fortresses now generate +2 gold and +2 misery instead of just +1 gold

Suggestion for testers

-Try goblins now.

YouTube Spotlight of the week!


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Aug 06, 2022

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Thansk for the answers! Looks like I will start doing that than!


It'd be nice to see em here!


I'm definitely interested in seeing more of your changelogs around here, but if it's a bother, I don't mind checking steam now and then. 

In any case, keep up the great work !