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Generate a solar system and observe the life that evolves in it, read through the history of the planets. This uses an early version of the auto-evo simulation from the game Thrive, which is another project i've been involved in. Which means it simulates evolution of life forms on planets and gives them traits and such, including but not limited to silicon based life, life on ocean worlds, and other weirder types of life forms, they evolve and it tracks all the important info, how they look, their traits, their mutations and reproductive rates and so on. So if you are a fan of spec evo you may find it at least interesting, 

Hey guys, I developed this little game about a year ago in 3 months in a custom engine made in c#. I never released it until now, you can generate solar systems, look at planets, watch their atmospheric contents change and evolve as well as watch the life forms that evolve. You can also view the history of planets, and save and load solar systems. I made some changes and decided to release it, it may get more updates just to add more god-game features if anyone actually tries it.

Music used with permission from Stellardrone and Disparition.

This will probably get additional updates in the future. You can get the game also via supporting me on patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Untrustedlife


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